Suit blames El Paso doctor for child's vision failure

By Chris Roberts / El Paso Times 
Article Launched: 02/29/2008 12:00:00 AM MST

Viviana De La O, who will be 2 in May, banged a plastic box on the table in a Camino Real Hotel conference room signaling her lack of interest in adult conversation.

The table and the box, her parents said, were probably a blur to the toddler who is at the center of a lawsuit announced Thursday that was filed in a state district court against an El Paso ophthalmologist accused of failing to properly diagnose and treat Viviana's condition, thus leading to her vision problems.

The child is afflicted with "retinopathy of prematurity," said William B. Curtis, an attorney representing the family that alleges the "gross negligence" of Dr. Jorge Fabio Llamas-Soforo resulted in blindness in her right eye and severe impairment of sight in her left eye.

Viviana's present condition is untreatable, Curtis said during a news conference at the hotel. "If treated (early), the vast majority of children end up with no vision deficit," he said.

Llamas-Soforo, and the El Paso Eye Care Center where he works, also are named in two similar lawsuits filed in Dallas, said Curtis, who added that the Dallas law firm was examining at least four other cases that might involve the eye doctor's alleged negligence. Of the cases filed in Dallas against Llamas-Soforo, one names Las Palmas Medical Center and the other Providence Memorial Hospital, which also are accused of negligence, attorneys said.

"We take this very seriously," said Terri Wyatt, administrative director for marketing and communications for HCA, which operates Las Palmas. "The care of our patients is always in the forefront of our decision-making process."

Calls seeking comment from Llamas-Soforo and Providence weren't returned Thursday. All seven children -- who suffer from various levels of blindness, ranging from total loss of sight in both eyes to impairment that qualifies as "legally blind" -- were born prematurely and were afflicted with retinopathy of prematurity, Curtis said. Llamas-Soforo had "no specialized pediatric training," and failed to properly diagnose and treat the condition, attorneys said.

"This is medical malpractice and gross negligence that, in my opinion, is borderline criminal because it continued time after time, child after child," said Domingo A. Garcia, co-counsel on the case. "The hospitals and doctors are putting profits over patients," he said. "Cutting corners for profit cost these babies their eyesight."

Although the De La O lawsuit seeks unspecified actual and punitive damages, the state of Texas has a cap of $250,000 on damages not related to specific medical costs, lost wages or other economic damages, Curtis said. Because there is no treatment for Viviana's condition, he said, the damages would be capped at that value unless the law is changed.

The problem is caused, Curtis said, when blood vessels grow too quickly behind the retina, detaching it. A laser treatment can be used to burn away some of the blood vessels, he said, but it must be done during a small window of time before permanent damage results.

Viviana is being evaluated to determine whether she will be able to read or will have to learn Braille, a system of reading and writing using raised dots, her parents said.

"We filed (the lawsuit) because we think he (Llamas-Soforo) shouldn't be screening any more babies, and we don't want anyone else to go through the same thing," said Elizabeth De La O. "I just urge parents if they are going to a doctor to get a second opinion."

Jesus De La O added: "And I want to tell them not to wait until it's too late. Do it as soon as possible. "Chris Roberts may be reached at; 546-6136.

¡Medio millón en Dallas! ¡Se hizo historia!

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Son las 12 de la noche y acaba de terminar el domingo 9 de abril. Mañana se esperan movilizaciones en muchas ciudades de los Estados Unidos contra la ley anti-inmigrante y a favor de un camino a la ciudadanía y la legalidad. Me disponía a acostarme cuando de pronto hice un último rastreo de noticias. Este domingo, en Dallas, Texas, marcharon medio millón de personas. Extraigo un párrafo de la nota de Univisión:

"Se hizo historia en el área de Dallas-Fort Worth, porque nunca antes en la historia de estas ciudades se había reunido tal cantidad de gente que se manifestó con gran civilidad en la búsqueda de un fin común."…

"La convocatoria que se había venido realizando semanas atrás para las mega marchas en Dallas y Fort Worth, rebasaron las expectativas de los organizadores.

Y es que las autoridades policíacas de la ciudad de Dallas estimó que minutos antes de la 1 de la tarde de este domingo, más de 400 mil personas estaban reunidas a lo largo y ancho de la avenida Ross y la calle Pearl en el centro de la ciudad de Dallas.

La marcha de los inmigrantes en ambas ciudades contra la HR4437 y a favor de una vida legal en los Estados Unidos, habia comenzado y esta vez todos vistieron de blanco y portaron banderas de Estados Unidos."

Uno de los hechos significativos es que, en esta ocasión, dirigentes de la comunidad afroamericana se unieron a los inmigrantes latinos en la movilización. Otro aspecto importante es que a pesar de la magnitud del evento, no hubo incidentes y la marcha se condujo pacíficamente y en orden. En otra localidad, Forth Worth, la manifestación fue exitosa, con una masa humana que resistió en silencio y en orden, las provocaciones de los racistas que mostraban sus carteles anti-inmigrantes. La movilización culminó en silencio.

La bandera de los Estados Unidos ondeó de la mano de centenares de miles que mostraron claramente su amor por esta nación y su coraje.

Lawyers tell Latinos to learn their rights

Dallas attorneys threaten suits alleging racial profiling; campaign urges Hispanics to drive carefully
08:38 AM CDT on Wednesday, March 26, 2008
By DIANNE SOLÍS / The Dallas Morning News

Amid a crackdown on illegal immigration, two Dallas lawyers are urging illegal and legal immigrants and U.S. citizens of Hispanic ancestry to know their rights if stopped by traffic police in cities around Dallas.Lawyers Domingo García and Fernando Dubove are threatening to file federal lawsuits alleging racial profiling and say they have about a dozen complaints from people who were stopped for traffic infractions and placed under detention by federal immigration agents.
But the lawyers said potential litigants wish to stay anonymous until they file a suit.

Know-your-rights campaigns have spread in cities with large foreign-born communities in the last two years. Among the lawyers' advice:
  • Be careful when driving to avoid even the smallest infraction, such as not using a turn signal.

  • If arrested by a police officer and then detained by federal immigration officers, the detainee has the right to bond, in most cases; to counsel for the immigration proceeding, paid by the detainee; and to an immigration hearing.

Mr. García said that a pattern was developing of U.S. citizens and U.S. legal residents being detained by immigration agents. Mr. García is a leader in the League of United Latin American Citizens, a group whose roots go back to the 1920s in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, when Mexican-Americans fought for civil rights as U.S. citizens.

Mr. Dubove urged legal permanent residents to carry their "green cards," or residency documents, as required by law. And those who have pending applications for residency should carry proof of the application, he said.

The number of people held on suspicion of being in the U.S. illegally has increased, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security. In August, ICE officials said the national number had more than doubled to about 18,600 since October 2006. Officials did not have an updated count available Tuesday.

Last year, the issue of detentions after traffic stops roiled the city of Irving with protests against and for the police.

Police Chief Larry Boyd has denied his officers engage in racial profiling. He said police in Irving have stopped immigrants from 46 different countries but Latino immigrants make up the bulk of the foreign-born and, therefore, the bulk of those placed on immigration holds.

An ICE spokesman, Carl Rusnok, said it is "extremely rare" for U.S. citizens to be placed on a hold. And legal permanent residents can be deported, depending on criminal convictions.

Amenazan con demandar a ciudades por arresto de latinos

07:18 AM CDT on Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dos abogados locales advirtieron a las autoridades de siete ciudades del Norte de Texas que interpondrán una demanda en su contra si continúan arrestando a ciudadanos estadounidenses e inmigrantes con base en su color de piel. Al mismo tiempo, pusieron en alerta a los residentes sobre qué hacer en caso de ser detenido.

El abogado Domingo García y el abogado de inmigración, Fernando Dubove hicieron un llamado a las autoridades de Grand Prairie, Irving, Farmers Branch, Decatur, DeSoto, Carrollton y Rockwall en una conferencia ayer y dijeron que están dispuestos a demandar a esas ciudades por categorización racial.El abogado de migración Fernando Dubove advirtió a los conductores que si caen en manos de inmigración no firmen ningún documento y pidan una fianza y hablar con un juez.

"El problema es ¿por qué los están deteniendo? Antes solamente daban un tiquete de tráfico", dijo García. "Si te paran en Dallas, te dan un tiquete de tráfico, no te detienen, no te llevan a la cárcel y no le llaman a la inmigración. Si tú tienes que probar que tú tienes residencia legal, es un tipo de discriminación".

La advertencia viene después de que los abogados recibieron el fin de semana seis quejas de hispanos que fueron arrestados por infracciones de tráfico y permanecieron detenidos a disposición de las autoridades migratorias (immigration hold), lo que implica que la persona se queda ahí hasta que inmigración verifique si está en el país legalmente.

Según García, uno de los casos este fin de semana involucra a un estudiante de la preparatoria Irving, de 19 años, quien llegó al país a los 3 años. Según el abogado, el joven en su último año de preparatoria iba manejando cuando fue detenido por la policía y puesto a disposición de inmigración.Sin contar a las personas arrestadas el fin de semana, García dijo que han recibido cinco quejas de hispanos ciudadanos y residentes legales que han pasado por la misma situación.

Los abogados no dieron detalles sobre la identidad de los detenidos, la razón de la detención, ni especificaron si fueron o no deportados.

"Estamos preocupados con este patrón. Estamos considerando demandas para frenar lo que consideramos un patrón de hostigamiento racial a ciudadanos estadounidenses y residentes legales, quienes han sido detenidos ilegalmente", dijo García.

Carl Rusnok, vocero de la Oficina de Inmigración y Aduanas (ICE) dijo que es "extremadamente raro" que ciudadanos estadounidense sean puestos a disposición de autoridades migratorias y aclaró que un residente permanente puede ser deportado dependiendo de su récord criminal.

Cualquier agencia del orden puede llamar a oficiales de inmigración cuando cree que tiene a un indocumentado que ha cometido alguna ofensa o delito, dijo Rusnok.

John Brimmer, vocero de la policía de Grand Prairie, dijo que hay una sección de investigación administrativa en el departamento que estaría dispuesta a investigar cualquier queja de quienes sientan que fueron detenidos de forma ilegal o inapropiada.

"Si nos proveen la documentación y la queja formal, nosotros responderemos", dijo Brimmer. "Sin embargo, nosotros somos una organización muy profesional. Somos muy profesionales en nuestras operaciones aquí para andar arrestando o deteniendo a personas de forma ilegal".

Los abogados dijeron que aún no se han reunido con autoridades de esas ciudades, pero sí esperan mandar una carta formal explicando lo ocurrido en los próximos días.

Sus derechos
Fernando Dubove recomendó a los indocumentados que tienen trámites pendientes siempre tener una copia o recibo de la aplicación migratoria como verificación.

"Y si terminan en manos de inmigración, no firmen nada, pidan verse con un juez, pidan una fianza", dijo Dubove. "Lo más importante es que no firmen nada".

Con información de Dianne Solís, de The Dallas Morning News

March leads to Hispanic boycott

Many Latinos plan to not spend a dime today to show how much their presence in the United States is worth.

Published April 10, 2006

Sunday they showed the country their strength by carrying out a mass march. Today they may surprise even more people if they decide to leave their money in their wallets. In a country where money talks, some Latinos plan to show their economic influence by making no purchases.

"Today, we'll buy gasoline, provisions, and everything else we need. Tomorrow we won't contribute to any business," affirmed Cindy Gómez, from Dallas on Sunday.

"Most people in the building where I live are Hispanic and many are planning to not go to work. If they do the same in other complexes, Dallas will seem like a ghost town," she asserted.

Today's economic boycott, just like yesterday's march, is one of the first of its kind in the country. Groups in other states have announced their plans to support a "day without immigrants", but won't do so until May 1.

The pro-immigration forces of the country hope to use the economic boycott to promote voter registration and campaigns for citizen education. "Marches can only achieve certain things," stated Armando Navarro, coordinator of the National Alliance for Human Rights, a network of Hispanic activists from Southern California. "There has to be an electoral component to get the Republicans out of the majority," Navarro said. Hispanics represent almost 15 percent of the population of the country and boycotts would dramatically hurt sales. In Dallas the damage would be double that, since the proportion of Hispanics is twice as many.

"Many people say they wish we would leave the country. This will show them what life would be like without us," stated Araceli Trejo.

Some people came to Sunday's march without knowing about the boycott and left intending to participate.

Among the people who promoted the plan from Dallas City Hall, was Héctor Flores, national president of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). "Tomorrow will be a day when we don't buy anything. Today is the day that the Hispanic community says 'that's enough'", he said.

María Niño said she would go to work, but thinks that she will be heard. "There has to be change as a result of what we are doing."

Smith writes for The Dallas Morning News.
Copyright (c), 2006, Al Día / The Dallas Morning News

Man suing gas companies over burn scars

05:22 PM CDT on Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Raul Moreno lies in his hospital bed at Parkland Hospital covered in bandages, afraid to pick up a mirror and afraid to see his wife and children. His arms, his legs and face were severely burned after his house exploded during a gas leak in McKinney. The blast sent two other people to the hospital. Moreno's lawyer, Domingo Garcia, sat down with News 8 to talk about the case. He said Atmos Energy, and its sub-contractor MJ Sheridan of Texas, are to blame for the tragedy. He has filed a lawsuit against both companies, claiming they failed to protect Moreno and his neighbors. He is seeking $15 million in damages.

"He is permanently disfigured for the rest of his life," Garcia said. "If they had just turned off the gas where the leak was then Mr. Moreno would not be in the condition that he is in."

Both gas companies admit 69 minutes passed between the time the pipe was ruptured and the first explosion occurred However, MJ Sheridan claim crews knocked on doors to notify residents.Atmos said their technician followed proper procedure, but an evacuation was not requested and neither company called 911 before the explosions.

The lawsuit calls for both companies to change their policies. They want Atmos Energy and MJ Sheridan to immediately notify residents, turn off the gas and call 911 immediately after any gas leak."This could have been much worse," Garcia said. "We could have had an entire block blown off."

Yanez to appeal his removal from U.S. boxing team

12:08 AM CDT on Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Duncanville's Luis Yanez has retained legal counsel to appeal his removal from the U.S. boxing team before the USA Boxing judicial committee. "Under their rules, the punishment isn't proportionate with his violation," said Dallas attorney Domingo Garcia, who has volunteered to represent Yanez. "His sister was ill, and he was expelled for not going to some unofficial training camp."

USA Boxing removed Yanez last week from the U.S. Olympic team after Yanez failed to report for training in Colorado Springs, Colo. The Pan American Games gold medalist, 19, has asked for a hearing, as allowed by the USOC.

Yanez was to report for training on June 8 but didn't travel to Colorado until Sunday. U.S. national director of Olympic coaching Dan Campbell said Yanez missed a mandatory tour in Argentina on June 21.

The boxer received an ultimatum by phone on June 25, in which Jim Millman, CEO of USA Boxing, told Yanez to report no later than the following night, or else he would be removed from the team.Millman said the hearing should be held before Monday.

Light flyweight Luis Yanez was kicked off the U.S. Olympic boxing team for skipping three weeks of residency training without getting permission or even telling USA Boxing where he was, national team coach Dan Campbell claims. USA Boxing removed Yanez from the Beijing squad after the 106-pound fighter from Duncanville refused to return to the team's training program in Colorado Springs for most of June. Campbell said Yanez also avoided contact with his national team coaches, who became concerned for his safety.

"I gave him every opportunity, and if people knew all the stuff that he has done, they would be amazed," Campbell told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "He's one of the biggest liars I've ever met."Yanez, who flew home to Dallas on Monday after being denied entrance to the U.S. Olympic Training Center, claimed his absence had been caused by a family emergency.

USA Boxing is in the process of scheduling a hearing with its judicial committee to appeal its decision on Yanez, spokesperson Julie Goldsticker said. Yanez also can request an outside arbitration hearing.If Yanez's punishment stands, the U.S. team will head to Beijing with eight boxers.

The Associated Press contributed to this story

Recurre Yáñez a abogado

08:40 AM CDT on Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Luis Yáñez, medallista de oro panamericano, buscó asistencia legal para apelar ante el Comité Judicial de USA Boxing su separación del equipo de boxeo que irá a los Juegos de Beijing.
El pugilista de Duncanville, de 19 años, pidió ayer una audiencia según reglamentos de USA Boxing, organismo que regula esa disciplina en el país a nivel amateur.

Luis Yáñez pretende evitar su expulsión del equipo olímpico de boxeo.


"Él está siguiendo los procedimientos", dijo Jim Millman, presidente de USA Boxing, organismo que vigila la disciplina amateur. "Él tiene el derecho a una audiencia, la pidió y se la ofreceremos".Yáñez, una de las esperanzas del equipo de boxeo de EU para las Olimpiadas, fue notificado el lunes por parte de USA Boxing de que quedaría fuera del equipo por no asistir a compromisos con la delegación que irá a Beijing.

Domingo García, abogado local que se ofreció a representar al pugilista, dijo que espera que la audiencia se realice antes del lunes, día en que se reportarán los boxeadores a su selección en las instalaciones olímpicas en Colorado Springs, Colo., antes de viajar a Beijing.

"Bajo las reglas de ellos (USA Boxing), el castigo no es proporcional a la infracción", dijo García. "La hermana estaba enferma y lo expulsaron por no ir a unos entrenamientos oficiales".

Yáñez debía reportarse el 8 de junio, aunque lo hizo el día 30. Durante su ausencia, el boxeador no participó en una gira obligatoria que el equipo de boxeo realizó por Argentina , según Dan Campbell, el entrenador olímpico de Yánez.

El boxeador recibió un ultimátum vía telefónica el 25 de junio, en el que Millman ordenó a Yáñez reportarse a no más tardar la noche siguiente, de lo contrario quedaría fuera del equipo, informó el directivo.

Pero la noche que debía reportarse, Yáñez estuvo en una celebración en un restaurante de Dallas, organizada por familiares y amigos que querían despedirlo.

"Nosotros no arreglamos el calendario del equipo olímpico de acuerdo con sus compromisos sociales, así no funciona esto", dijo Millman.

"Hemos sido consistentes con las reglas de informar a cada atleta con una notificación cuando su participación olímpica está en riesgo. Luis es el único atleta que ha violado el 'último aviso' escrito", agregó.

El directivo de USA Boxing indicó que la audiencia, vía teleconferencia, será antes del 7 de julio.

Yanez decision expected Monday

04:27 PM CDT on Friday, July 11, 2008

The USA Boxing Judicial Committee will decide Monday whether to reinstate Duncanville boxer Luis Yanez to the U.S. Olympic team after holding a hearing Friday.

"Luis wants to be fighting in a boxing ring," said Domingo García, the boxer's attorney, after the hearing, which was held via teleconference. "He doesn't want to be fighting in a courtroom or arbitration. We believe he'll be victorious in both [and] we want him back in the ring in Beijing and hopefully we'll be able to do that as soon as we get a decision."

If the committee, rules against Yanez, the boxer's next step is to go to independent arbitration within 48 hours, said García.

Duncanville's Yanez must realize reborn dream

10:50 PM CDT on Wednesday, July 16, 2008
By KATE HAIROPOULOS / The Dallas Morning News

The saga of Duncanville boxer Luis Yanez moved into its next phase Wednesday in appropriate fashion for the showboat "Latin Legend."

Freshly reinstated to the U.S. Olympic team, the light flyweight (106 pounds) flexed his biceps and lifted his T-shirt to show off his six-pack to a horde of reporters and cameras at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

After goodbyes and shout-outs to his family and Team Yanez – his local coaches, lawyers and spokespeople – he finally caught his flight to return to the team's camp in Colorado Springs, Colo.If he's done anything during this ordeal, he's attracted the attention he thrives on. He's made his story one to watch at the Beijing Olympics, for which he'll depart Tuesday.

But you wonder what's really going on in his head and heart, behind the boxing bravado and constant talk of a gold medal. Does he get it? He can talk about gratitude and lessons learned, but only he can take advantage of this second chance. "I'm happy. I've cried about it already." Yanez said. "Now I'm just going up there to handle my job."

Yanez and USA Boxing avoided independent arbitration by reaching an agreement, announced Wednesday, to reinstate Yanez, who was kicked off the team July 1 after missing three weeks of team training without permission. He had said he was taking care of his sister, who was in drug rehab, and her four children.

The situation dissolved for a time into a messy back-and-forth between U.S. team coach Dan Campbell – who reportedly called Yanez a liar – and the Yanez camp, which questioned Campbell's credentials and training methods.

As part of the settlement, Yanez, who was represented by attorneys Domingo Garcia and Scott DeWolf, had to publicly apologize and admit to wrongdoing.

"I want to thank USA Boxing for its understanding and sense of forgiveness," reads a statement released by USA Boxing attributed to Yanez, but oozing with PR polish. "I sincerely apologize to head coach Campbell, to my teammates, and to USA Boxing for not only breaking the rules of the Athlete Code of Conduct, but also for my lack of candor regarding the circumstances of my absence."Coach Campbell and USA Boxing gave me every opportunity to return to the program ... and I was irresponsible in ignoring their flexibility, and not forthcoming with them."

Yanez must refrain from speaking publicly about the deal, pay a financial penalty and attend sessions with a sports psychologist, and he will lose his team captaincy.

The agreement makes sense for both sides. USA Boxing came away vindicated without losing a valuable fighter with a strong chance at a medal. And Yanez managed to avoid the devastating blow of losing the chance of a lifetime.

According to DeWolf, talks about avoiding arbitration began Monday, before the USA Boxing Judicial Committee unanimously rejected Yanez's appeal to be reinstated.

Garcia said the U.S. Olympic Committee helped mediate the deal.

Yanez said he expected to be welcomed by his teammates and to get along with Campbell."Luis is a young man who has recognized and admitted poor judgment about his actions over the past month," USA Boxing CEO Jim Millman said in a statement. "We're pleased that Luis will have a chance to pursue his Olympic dreams in Beijing." Dennis Rodarte, Yanez's longtime local coach, said he was thankful.

"He's 19 years old," Rodarte said. "We all make mistakes." Team Yanez had gathered at Yanez's father's home Tuesday night for dinner. "What is this? The Last Supper?" someone cracked before grace. Then, during the meal, the call came that an agreement had been reached. Maybe, in the sudden celebration, Yanez understood what had almost been lost.

"I cried right then," Yanez said. "My family was 100 percent right behind me... They're in my heart. ... I know I will come back with the gold medal."

Joven Yánez de Duncanville se dio cuenta que su sueño renació

Miercoles 16 de Julio 2008 10:50 PM CDT
Por KATE HAIROPOULOS / The Dallas Morning News

La saga del boxeador de Duncanville, Luís Yánez, paso a su próxima fase el miércoles 16 de julio de manera favorable para la "Leyenda Latina".

Recién reinstituido al equipo olímpico Norteamericano, el peso pluma (1006 libras) levanto su camiseta para mostrar su marcado abdomen, enfrente de un grupo de reporteros y cámaras en el Aeropuerto Internacional de Dallas/Fort Worth.

Después de despedirse de su familia con de gritos de aliento para el atleta y su equipo- sus entrenadores locales, abogados y representantes- finalmente tomo el vuelo que lo llevo hacia el campamento del equipo olímpico en Colorado Springs, Colorado. Si el ha hecho algo durante esta dura experiencia, ha conseguido la atención que lo hace crecer. El ha hecho que su historia sea seguida hasta las olimpiadas de Beijing, hacia donde viaja el próximo martes.

Pero te puedes preguntar ¿que es lo que pasa por su cabeza, su corazón, detrás del gran boxeador y de su constante mención de una medalla de oro? ¿Será que el entiende?El puede hablar sobre agradecimiento y de lecciones aprendidas, pero solamente el puede tomar ventaja de esta segunda oportunidad.

"Estoy súper feliz. Hasta he llorado," dijo Yáñez. "Ahora simplemente voy a ir allá y hacer mi trabajo lo mejor posible." Yáñez y el Boxeo Norteamericano evitaron la arbitrariedad al llegar a un acuerdo, anunciaron el miércoles que reinstituirían a Yáñez quien fue expulsado del equipo al haber faltado tres semanas de práctica sin permiso. El había dicho que estaba cuidando a su hermana, quien se estaba rehabilitando de uso de drogas y de sus cuatro hijos.

La situación se disolvió después de una pelea continua entre el entrenador del equipo norteamericano Dan Campbell- quien dijo que Yáñez era un mentiroso- y los representantes de Yánez los cuales cuestionaron las credenciales del entrenador y sus técnicas de entrenamiento.
Como parte del acuerdo, Yáñez, quien fue representado por los abogados Domingo García y Scott DeWolf, tubo que disculparse públicamente y admitir su error.

La sombra de Luís Yáñez boxeando durante un entrenamiento hace unas semanas.


"Quiero agradecerle al grupo de Boxeo USA por su sentido de entendimiento y de perdón," dice un comunicado de prensa publicado por USA Boeing a nombre de Yáñez, añadiendo, "Yo sinceramente le pido disculpas al entrenador Campbell, a mis compañeros, y a USA Boxing por no solamente romper las reglas del Código de Conducta del Atleta sino también por mi falta de franqueza con respecto a las circunstancias de mi ausencia.

"El entrenador Campbell y USA Boxing me dieron muchas oportunidades para regresar al equipo… y yo fui irresponsable al ignorar su flexibilidad, y no ser franco con ellos."

Yáñez debe de abstenerse de hablar públicamente sobre este tema, pagar una multa y asistir a sesiones con un psicólogo para deportistas, y perderá su puesto como capitán del equipo. Los dos grupos en asuntos estuvieron de acuerdo con esta resolución. USA Boxing salio victorioso en este asunto; pues no perdió a un peleador valioso que tiene una posibilidad enorme de ganarse una medalla. Y Yáñez pudo evitar perder la oportunidad de su vida.

Según DeWolf, charlas sobre reinstituir a Yáñez empezaron el lunes, antes de que el Comité Judicial de USA Boxing rechazara unánimemente la petición de Yáñez para ser aceptado de nuevo al equipo.Domingo García dijo que el Comité Olímpico Norteamericano ayudo a mediar en este problema.Yáñez dijo que espera ser bienvenido por sus compañeros y de poder llevarse mejor con Campbell. "Luís es un joven que ha admitido y reconocido la responsabilidad de su pobres acciones en los últimos dos meses," dijo el Director de USA Boxing Jim Millman en un comunicado. "Estamos muy contentos de que Luís pueda seguir sus sueños olímpicos en Beijing," dijo muy agradecido Sr. Dennis Rodarte., entrenador por muchos años del joven boxeador.

"El tiene 19 años," dijo Rodarte. "Todos cometemos errores." El grupo de Yáñez se había reunido en la casa de los padres de Yáñez para comer el martes en la noche. Y durante la cena llego la llamada de que se había llegado a un acuerdo. Y mientras todos estaban celebrando, Yáñez se dio cuenta que por poco pierde. "Llore en ese mismo instante," dijo Yáñez.

"Mi familia me apoyo 100%... están en mi corazón… Y se que regresare con la medalla de oro."

Luis Lara
Spanish Media Consultant
Teléfono 972 900 5390 Dallas, Texas.

Garcia opens Odessa office

2011-01-19 12:02:40

An attorney who was born in Midland has returned to the Permian Basin.

Domingo A. Garcia, a former Dallas city councilman and state representative, has opened an office at 200 Walmart Court. The office will assist with personal injury litigation, wrongful death, immigration and other legal cases, according to a news release.

Garcia also has offices in Dallas, Houston and Tyler. Last year, he helped lead a "Freedom" caravan to Arizona to protest Arizona's immigration law.

The office will have an opening event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.
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Man suing bar for $500K

Posted: Tuesday, January 4, 2011 11:02 pm | Updated: 4:01 pm, Wed Jan 5, 2011.
By Nancy Flake
Managing editor

A Harris County man is seeking at least $500,000 in damages from a Lake Conroe bar, claiming the bar kept serving an intoxicated driver who injured the man in a 2009 wreck.

Kenneth Smith filed his lawsuit in Harris County Thursday against Papa's on the Lake, located at 14632 Texas 105 W., and against owner Richard Loughridge.

Smith, who is represented by attorney Joseph R. Corteguera, with Domingo Garcia LLP, of Houston, claims that on or about Jan. 2, 2009, he was the passenger in a 2008 Ford Explorer driven by Allen Mathew Roath, 30, of Montgomery. Roath, "who was operating his vehicle severely intoxicated" on McCaleb Road at Highland Rand Drive in Conroe, the lawsuit claims, lost control of his vehicle, drove off the road and rolled the vehicle through a fence, hitting a utility pole.

Smith was ejected from the vehicle and severely injured, court papers state. Roath was arrested for third-degree felony intoxication assault, according to the Montgomery County District Clerk's Office, and pleaded guilty July 26, 2009.

He was released from prison less than a year later, in May 2010, a Texas Department of Criminal Justice official said.

Smith claims in his lawsuit that employees at Papa's on the Lake served alcoholic beverages to Roath "until he became obviously intoxicated and then defendants continued to serve alcoholic beverages to Roath until he was so intoxicated that he was incoherent, barely able to walk and presented an actual danger to himself and others."

Corteguera did not return calls seeking comment. Loughridge said he had "no clue" why Smith filed the lawsuit.

"If he's such an idiot and knew the driver was drunk," Loughridge said, "why did he get in the car?"Loughridge said he has no attorney and would turn the suit over to his insurance company to handle.Smith claims in his suit that Papa's employees allowed "and even assisted" Roath to reach his vehicle, get in the driver's seat and drive away.

The lawsuit claims the conduct of the defendants in serving Roath after he was "obviously intoxicated" is a violation of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code's Section 2.02.

The code states that providing, selling or serving an alcoholic beverage can make the basis to revoke the alcoholic beverage license of an establishment if "it was apparent to the provider that the individual being sold, served or provided with an alcoholic beverage was obviously intoxicated to the extent that he presented a clear danger to himself and others."

It also allows an injured party to sue the establishment for damages.

Known as the Texas Dram Shop Act, the law was passed in 1987.

Because, as Smith claims in his lawsuit, he suffered "serious and permanent personal injuries," including physical impairment and disfigurement, lost wages and a loss of future potential earnings, he is seeking exemplary damages of $500,000.

He also is asking the court and jury to determine the amount of his loss based on past lost wages and future earning capacity.

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